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IT Managed Services

Take care of your business. Let us take care of your network

  • Do you own or manage a small/medium size business?
  • Do you find yourself in any of the following situations?
    • Managing my company's IT myself. Or having an employee or family member who is 'good with computers' do it.
    • Your business has grown to the point where managing IT is consuming too much of your valuable time. Or you have outgrown your current technology situation.
    • You are being underserved by your current technology provider
  • Why Managed Services?
    • Reduced downtime- We receive an automatic alert from
      our monitoring tools for any potential issue. Our proactive
      maintenance and early detection in many cases resolves an
      issue without your even knowing it occurred. When a site
      visit is required, immediate, automatic alerts guarantee a
      rapid response.

    • Proactive, Not Reactive- Deep visibility into the health
      and performance of your IT assets allows us to diagnose
      problems before they cause downtime. A recent study by
      the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)
      found that network servers and devices that went down
      took 96% longer to repair when they were not covered by
      a remote monitoring service
      . CompTIA also discovered that
      end users experience an average of 88% longer periods of
      when the network server or device that fails is not
      covered by remote monitoring. They concluded that remote
      monitoring and management services have the greatest
      impact on reducing IT downtime and its impact on users.

    • Security- Protect your data and assets. Provide assurance
      that your customers' information is secure. Reduce your risk
      of liability.
    • Predictable IT Cost- With a monthly contract and service
      level agreement, you'll know exactly what you'll get and
      how much you'll be spending. Managed services will help
      you spend every IT dollar more efficiently, and the underlying
      technology of managed services means you'll also save
      money in many ways.

    • Focus- The time of you and your staff is valuable. Spend it
      on what's important - your customers.


Technology Assessment






Full-Service IT

STI offers a full range of IT services and products for all of your technology needs:

  • Server/Workstation/Laptop sales and installation
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Antivirus and security software
  • Data backup solutions- onsite and cloud-based
  • Office365- anywhere access to email, Office Apps, IM and more
  • Wireless and VPN setup
  • VOIP Phone Systems featuring Jive phones




24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

Monitor and manage all IT devices – proactively monitor your network and remotely address potential points of failure before they become critical.

Network Security – continuous monitoring and alerting for viruses, worms, malware, and attempted network access by unauthorized users.






Asset Management

Inventory – maintain an accurate, real-time inventory of IT hardware and software that can be used for theft, flood and fire insurance or tax purposes. Keep track of warranty information and asset life-cycles. Optimize your returns on your technology investments.








Preventative Maintenance

Patch Management – ensure your systems are updated with immediate patching direct from Microsoft. Lengthen the lifespan of your assets and minimize technology problems that reduce productivity.

Data Backup Reliability – protect your customer data by monitoring the progress and status of your backup solutions.







Detailed Monthly Reports – you'll receive comprehensive, graphical reports every month. These include a hardware summary, site summary, software assets, work completed report, and server health report. Accurate, up-to-date data simplifies capacity management and upgrade planning.




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