What our customers say about us

August 24, 2018
Our practice recently signed up for STI's Toner on Demand program. How wonderful! The price is unbeatable and the idea that you will be watching for low toner reports on printer takes a load off my mind. I usually go to Staples, but now they only carry double packs for $300+. We are a small practice and can't afford that price at one time. The manager gets upset because if I don't see what I am looking for I get the ladder and find it myself. It makes his head spin around. This is much cheaper and convenient!
Teri, Practice Manager- David J. Maleh MD, Wilmington, DE


May 22, 2017
I appreciate the STI Technical Newsletter and Status Report we receive monthly. It is so informative and I learn an abundance of information about STI and other information useful in the medical community. Thank you again and keep up the good work with the newsletter. I have been associated with STI for about 20 years!!
Diane, Paoli Hematology-Oncology Associates


January 26, 2016
I just wanted to report excellent service. Pete arrived today to update some of our computers. While he was here, our office had some questions that Pete was more than willing to address and answer for us. He even updated one of our computers and solved a printing problem. This was not his purpose of coming out today, he went above and beyond. I just wanted to thank him and to let you know he was a pleasure to work with today.
Kelly, Office Manager- Bucks County Center for Vein Medicine, Langhorne, PA


October 29, 2015
This is a fan letter to all my friends in STI Technical Services – Aaron, Chris, Paul, Matt, Darren, Rory, John and Keith. We have had STI for over 18 years and have grown substantially in that time in our need for hardware. The support system that STI maintains for their customers' hardware needs and questions is phenomenal. I have called many times; sometimes for simple questions and other times for complex issues. Their response has always been courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. I cannot be specific about any one problem that they fixed because they fix all of them every time I call, and I am extremely grateful.
Teri, Practice Manager- David J. Maleh MD, Wilmington, DE


June 3, 2015
STI's hardware support is excellent. When our system was infected with a virus, STI responded immediately. They cleaned and restored our software promptly and efficiently. They were happy to answer all our questions (which were many), and followed up days later to make sure everything was running smoothly. So glad we have a maintenance contract with them. You never know when something is going to happen.
Jodie, Administrator- Eye Health Physicians of Lancaster, Lancaster, PA


October 16, 2014
In this growing age of technology it is often difficult to find a computer support company you can trust and truly feel supported by. STI Computer nails it on every level. Their quality, consistency, professionalism and technical support is outstanding. After interviewing perspective companies we have found that STI is beyond compare in their support, technical assistance and cost. Our local rep goes so far above and beyond what I would expect from a support company I consider him part of my staff. Everything from servers to printers are covered. It is so reassuring to know we have such a great support team only a phone call away. Thank you for being there for us.
Marybeth, Office Manager- Broome Obstetrics and Gynecology, Binghamton, NY


June 6, 2013
Much to my surprise today, I received a call from Robert stating that our computer had disappeared off STI's monitor. He showed up at our office about 1 hour later to work on our system to ensure that our devices were under protected security and within monitoring reach of STI. He was extremely courteous and informative and very patient to explain why it was necessary to make the changes that he made. I'm constantly impressed by the "behind the scenes" work that STI provides to ensure that my system works efficiently and safely and above and beyond the current industry standards upheld by the government. I appreciate the fact that not only does STI support the systems so well, but it insists on educating it's users on why and how it protects us so that it is also an educational and informative process for me. Thank you again to your entire team for all the work that you do to keep our systems healthy. I think of all you as top-notch computer physicians who work in the same mind frame that we do as physicians with our patients. Please let your team know how much I truly appreciate it.
Mei-Hui Wang, MD Somerset, NJ


April 23, 2013
We're a busy billing service and one thing we don't worry about is being able to reach technical services at STI. The staff is responsive, competent, and professional. Thanks for letting us rest easy!
Cate, CPA- Accountrak, Exton, PA


February 25, 2013
The hardware support team is consistently responsive to our varied needs. They go the extra mile to configure our complex issues and always do it with a smile. Thanks guys.
Lynn, Business Manager- CNY Internists, Syracuse, NY


February 25, 2013
Atlantic Cardiology would like to recognize one of your employees for an outstanding job performance. Gene was recently here and accomplished the set up of many computers, addressed other problems and completed the task at hand in record time. Always knowledgeable and professional, Gene is an asset to STI and an ally to our practice. We at Atlantic Cardiology want to extend our gratitude to an outstanding employee.
Karen, Office Administrator- Atlantic Cardiology, Galloway,NJ


February 15, 2013
Joe and Robert go above and beyond to make sure all of our hardware issues are handled quickly. We are a large practice and that can be a daunting task but they handle it very well, whether it be in person or on the phone they respond to us quickly. It is very reassuring for a practice our size to know that STI appreciates our issues and supports us completely when the need arises. Thanks to everyone, again!
Marcella, Practice Administrator- Stafford Medical, Manahawkin, NJ


February 14, 2013
We have been in the financial services industry for almost 30 years and have dealt with many technology companies during this time. The folks at STI have been a pleasure to deal with. They were able to help us with a start up operation by reviewing our business plan and making all of the appropriate recommendations. The install was seamless and professional. The customer support is readily available and easy to use. Special thanks to Al Toper for allowing us to focus on what we do best. We truly appreciate your services.
John- Farmers Insurance, Glen Mills, PA